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With Minutes.sty you can take the minutes for meetings. For a singular meeting I recommend to write a normal article, but if you have multiple minutes with tasks etc. then minutes.sty may help you in your work.

Minutes.sty offers different minutes header (with minute taker, meeting date, location...) and macros for:

With minutes.sty you can extract data from minutes:

Old versions

Actual version on CTAN
[Version 1.8d, Version 1.8 komplett Minor changes, corrections for French, New: Polish
Version 1.8b, Version 1.8 komplett Correction for version 1.7. This version works also with MikTeX 2.5
Version 1.7, Version 1.7 komplett Does not work with MikTeX 2.5.
Version 1.6, Version 1.6 als dtx
Version 1.4
Version 1.3
Version 1.0