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Example of Usage

Sametimes you write a TeX-Document and then you want to change the document class. Normall, that's no problem - normally.

When you change from scrreprt to scrartcl, you get the error, that no \chapter is defined. When you change it, your \chapter are on the same level like sections...

When you change from scrartcl to scrreprt (od scrbook...) you get no error, but you don't have any \chapter.


Some simple search/replace actions with your editor can solve your problem. But get attention on the correct sequence, and chech all includes.


Attached a small ruby-script, which will do the repalcements on all tex-files in a directory and its subdirectorie.

tex_low_high -l .
tex_low_high -h .
All *.tex-files in the selected directory (here ".") and its subdirectiorieswill be modified. Hint:

The Programm